Princeton Landscaping Services

Princeton Landscaping, founded in 2003 has longstanding relationships with several large businesses, shopping centres and residential complexes. Our ethos is focussed on sustainable gardening, with a strong focus on water wise gardens, choosing indigenous vegetation, and landscaping trends which are easy to maintain.

Operating from the Princeton Armed Response and Guarding head office, based in the Southern Suburbs, our footprint extends across the western cape of South Africa, focussing on the gardening and maintenance of residential complexes, shopping centres, homes, and improvement districts. Leveraging on our cleaning division, which assists us in maintaining a high level of cleanliness, and adding so much more value to the communities which we serve.

Princeton Garden Services.

Princeton Landscaping and Garden Services provides a few solutions to suit our client’s needs, wants, and budgets. Looking to install a water garden? Look no further. Seasonal cleaning and planting, you found your team. Learn more about our amneties and solutions below.

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    Service of Interest:

    Crash Cleanups

    This service is for clients whose gardens have gotten somewhat out of control – including a good prune, grass cutting, and clearing of rubble and refuse to give our clients a beautiful blank canvas to start from.
    Reach out to Princeton Landscaping to remove unwanted rubble and cuttings from your garden, today – with a fleet of well-maintained trucks, and knowledgeable hands, we can assist to suit your every need.

    Seasonal Gardening Services

    Are you passionate about having a beautiful, well-manicured garden, but not totally confident with planting trends, timing and all those important factors? Reach out to our team to get a tailored gardening and landscaping plan, and implementation of the core planting, pruning and removals. This is not your regular garden service. Princeton focusses on setting your garden up to thrive, with seasonal planting, mulching, feeding, cleaning and so much more.


    Needing a tailored solution, and a team to come through and get everything done on your behalf? That’s us. Our dedicated team of Gardening professionals will assist with planning, landscaping, and implementing the concept.

    Bringing decades of cleaning experience to our residential clients with Bin SAN-I-TIZE!

    *Princeton Armed Response clients benefit from this service for only R69 per month for a bi-weekly clean. Contact us for more information.